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You are now entering what you believe to be the magical world of Martial Arts...."This is not so"!
Karate is a scientific art that takes study and hard work to achieve the goals of excellence that you wish to excel in.  But don't be mislead ... anyone can achieve goals.  It does not matter what age or condition you are in.  As Instructors of Kam Lung Kempo, we will help you achieve these goals .... step-by-step.
Each belt level has requirements that you must master before entering the next stage of training.  It is like climbing a ladder, step-by-step, to reach the Black Belt level.  Then you will begin your Black Belt level of training, which will be very rewarding and enriching to you.
When you reach these levels, you will be a person that people honour, trust and respect.  This is something to be very proud of, as you will be one of a few to achieve this personal satisfaction.  In this stage of your learning, you will be able to help others in this life of enrichment.  Thereby allowing them to achieve goals of higher morals, self respect and physical conditioning in their training in the art of Karate and Self-Defence.
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