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Police Martial Arts Association Membership
The following are the types of membership available within the Police Martial Arts Association

Law Enforcement Membership:
This requires that an applicant be a currently serving or retired Law Enforcement Official

Law Enforcement Officer Associate Membership:
This requires that an applicant be a community based Martial Arts participant that displays a sincere interest in assisting and serving their community.

Public Supporter:
This classification is open to all citizens interested in being active supporters of Law Enforcement and community based Martial Arts activities.

Membership Dues:
Canada and United States membership = $40.00(US) per year.
International Membership = $50.00(US) per year.

Membership Features

  • News Publications
  • Training Resource Center
  • Youth Intervention Initiative
  • Seminars and Conferences
  • Special Awards
  • Research and Policy Commitees
  • PMAA Products
  • New Brunswick-19 Police Baton Programs
  • PMAA - Consulting Group
  • Police Educators Certification
  • Instructors Certification
  • PMAA Unity Clubs
  • Belt Level Recognition and Promotion
  • Society of Police Black Belts
  • Tournament Sponsorship and Rating
  • Taiho Jutsu Institute (The Police Martial Art)
  • Referee Commission
  • Registry Of Martial Arts and Ways
  • Black Belt Fraternity
  • Trauma Shock Suppression Training (APTSS)
  • Korean Martial Arts Division
  • Okinawan Martial Arts Division
  • Japanese Martial Arts Division
  • Chinese Martial Arts Division
  • Philippine Martial Arts Division
  • Modern Martial Arts Division
  • Other Specific Martial Arts Division
Application Form
   For your convienience we have provided 3 ways for you to apply.
  1. Fill out our online form
***this option coming soon.
  2. Download, print and fax or mail in the form in PDF format
  3. Download, print and fax or mail in the form in MS Word format
Fill out the online form Download the form in PDF format Download the Form in MS WORD Format
The Police Martial Arts Association Inc. reserves the right to review and verify all membership applications at any time. It further reserves the right to make a determination regarding membership following this process.

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