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Kam Lung Kempo Karate follows the Rank Structure as depicted by the belts below.  Each student who wishes to attain the goal of Black Belt, must pass an examination to demonstrate their proficiency in each of the following belts.


In order to achieve a promotion from one belt level to the next higher, you must meet certain requirements and be tested on those requirements.  Upon successfully completing the testing stage, the student is presented with the belt and a certificate showing proof of qualification.

The belt requirements consist of the various strikes, blocks and kicks that need to be mastered for that level. The student is also required to perform a kata for the specific belt level.  These requirements are necessary for the student to achieve the skills and knowledge required of them to be proficient in the art of Kam Lung Kempo Karate.


The Kata is a series of defensive and offensive moves, performed in a set routine.  Each move is designed to teach the student a defensive block followed by an offensive strike or kick to fend off attackers.  The Kata is normally set around the theory of multiple attackers.
Once a student has mastered a kata, they must also master the necessary blocks, strikes and kicks required for their belt level to be achieved. In this way, the student is always looking forward.
White Belt
Yellow Belt Yellow Belt / Orange Stripe
Orange Belt Orange Belt / Green Stripe
Green Belt Green Belt / Blue Stripe
Blue Belt Blue Belt / Brown Stripe
Brown Belt Brown Belt / Black Stripe
1st Dan Black Belt
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